My Visual Work : )

One Day In Future

2021 December

This is a 3D animation that introduces people to one day in the future. All the diverse elements that happened were around future autonomous vehicles' medical services.
Now, you will become the user, this animation will lead you on this journey, experiencing what happens when you get a heart attack on a road trip, your vehicle will redirect to the hospital and save your life.
Created using Cinema4D & After Effect.

How Do You Use a Shortcut?

2021 January

I made a motion graphic design work to demonstrate how to use shortcuts for the IOS system.
We use shortcuts every day when we work, and I design an exciting and fun way to let people understand and remember those essential shortcuts.
Created using After Effect & Adobe illustration.

Modeling Is Fun : )

2021 November

Infographic Poster Design

2021 January

A series of infographic posters I created where I explored how to use illustration typographic and various ways of representing data and categories.
Created using Photoshop & illustration & Indesign.

Typography Poster / Brochure

2021 April

Typographic poster and brochure-convertible posters where I learned and explored more on typographic principles including kerning, alignment, font size and grid system. I play around with the font size variation and color to convey the topic to the view.
Created using Adobe InDesign & Photoshop.

Book Layout Design

2021 April

Book design is a challenge I set for myself. Virginia Woolf, one of my favorite female writers, introduced her life as the book context and made book design for her. I learned how different typographic and graphic roles for the book are compare to poster design.
Created using Photoshop & Indesign.